The Fact About El Amor No Tiene Receta That No One Is Suggesting

Paz cuida de Luna como si fuera su hija. Esteban visita a Paz en su casa para aclarar el malentendido de la fiesta. Salomón se echa la culpa, Gala lo defiende y anuncia que son novios. Fermín ve a Paz abrazando a Esteban y estalla de celos.

Esteban confesses to Lupita that he's starting to fall in like with Paz, so he desires to talk to her to determine her feelings. Lupita is upset with Paz when she learns how Luna was taken in the hospital, Paz assures her that she's going to blame herself when the authorities find her whereabouts.

Suspicioning that Paz could have Samara, Ginebra threatens Fermín with harming him so that he reveals the truth; He manages to encourage them that Paz doesn't have her daughter. Fobo tries to comfort Elvira with a hug, she asks him not to point out her affection due to the fact she won't desire to confuse him and all the more so given that she won't take Esteban's connection with Paz.

Nandy finally gets the Formal documents that figure out her for a feminine, Paz and all her family congratulate her. Ginebra threatens to poison Sam if Esteban refuses to ask Paz to his wedding ceremony.

Fermín assaults Paz after she complains about his irresponsibility mainly because he lives in personal debt. Ginebra decides to erase all evidence that her daughter was born lifeless, so she asks Mauro to find a method to carry her a newborn toddler.

Elvira threatens Esteban with firing him from the corporate if he refuses to rent Paz as the home Prepare dinner, he does not drop for her blackmail which is willing to depart together with his kids. Mauro warns Mireya that if she or Paz Will not allow them to uncover his niece Sam, he is prepared to stop his overall loved ones.

Paz contains a Unique second with Luna, who shares together with her that she wishes she was her mom. Pedro Pablo reveals to Esteban that Bosco tried to harm him the day from the party at his residence, Bosco assures that he only preferred to take care of the home's possessions.

Esteban surprises Paz having a supper, He's intimate by offering her the recipe for appreciate plus they both of those Enable themselves be carried away by the appreciate they come to feel. Jero is to blame for confirming to Gala that Salo would not like her given that he cheated on her with Gema.

Elvira informs Esteban that Ginebra will not ensure it is residence since she went on a last-moment enterprise trip; he will make a remark that leaves her thinking. Fermín sees a online video of Sam requesting support to locate the daughter which was taken from Paz, he is filled with emotion and is decided to reveal the reality. Fobo would make Elvira see that Ginebra is hiding some thing from her considering the fact that her unexpected excursion is a clear illustration of her, she will get upset together with her, but he assures her that he visit would not choose to see her undergo.

Jero and Sandro under no circumstances tire of making transphobic remarks to Nandy because they reject The reality that her father has fallen in really like by using a person who's now a girl. Ginebra reveals to Rubio that if he continues Doing work for her he will understand how to reward him economically really nicely, but ahead of that he will have to get Fermín from his way.

Esteban reveals to Paz that Ginebra murdered Elías Barral, her final partner, and he is certain that she also killed Berenice. Ginebra lets Elvira recognize that Elías left her with a substantial financial debt so she must market her dwelling and all her shares, Elvira asks her not to worry considering the fact that she is going to consist of her in her will.

Esteban talks to Salomón about his romantic relationship with Gala and demands that he respect her because his daughter isn't any trophy. Paz is nervous when Esteban usually takes her by the hand and confesses that she wants to Dwell once more, he agrees together with her feelings.

Following Jerónimo rejects Gala for not possessing exactly the same passions, she kisses Salomón and asks him to generally be her boyfriend. Elvira can make Esteban believe that Paz place a compound within the cupcakes she geared up, he complains to her for planning to damage his family and informs her that he will likely have all the foodstuff analyzed.

Esteban confronts Humberto when he learns that he is keen on Paz, he assures him that he is not going to let him to view her as an affair. Ginebra displays Esteban images of the Guys she has killed to keep their fortune.

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